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Access Denied

Postby mcduder230 » 09. July 2010 00:52

Hello I am really new to this whole thing and i think i did something bad. When i try to go on to phpmyadmin it says access denied and something about can not connect to local host blah blah blah. Is there a way to get past this or reset something?

Thanks Hayden
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Re: Access Denied

Postby JonB » 09. July 2010 05:06

I think you should blahblahblah. OH that doesn't work?

Did you change the password for 'root' in MySQL? HOW?

if so, you need to fix in \XAMPP\phpMyAdmin\

here's some good info:

If not that then:

XAMMP has a built in ''fix' for phpMyAdmin and MySQL (I'm unsure if it will work if you have already 'messed' with stuff.

(the fix tool is in the middle of the page)

Good Luck
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