Unable to start myphpadmin session

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Unable to start myphpadmin session

Postby easouza » 04. July 2010 14:25

Last night. I downloaded and installed XAMPP 1.7.3 in Vista Home Premium 32-bit. I start both Apache and MySQL as services and they are running okay. I went to Apache Admin and set passwords on MySQL administrator and assigned a user ID and password to XAMPP directories. I then went to myphpadmin, logged in with hte new password and created a database for use use my software. I then moved my software to c:\xampp\htdocs\ with no problem. I then set some options in the software I was installing. I closed my browser. I then selected admin for MySQL from XAMP control panel and logged in again to load some tables into my db. I received the error that htere are too many errors for the session of myphpadmin to start. I checked the error log in Apache and found the following: user root not found: /xampp/.

I just decided to try again and now it works. The computer that I have this on has not been touched since last night when I received the error. I did not stop the services or restart the O/S yet now it works.

My question has changed. What am I doing wrong to cause this error and what can I do to prevent it from happening again?

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