Network computer cannot view folder other than XAMPP

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Network computer cannot view folder other than XAMPP

Postby newrocknow » 03. July 2010 00:53

Hi, I'm running XAMPP on a local network on windows, after the installation I can view the default xampp folder in htdocs both on localhost and network computer. However, when i create a new folder in htdocs, I get a unable to connect error message when I try to access this folder on network computer, I can still view the new folder on localhost computer.

The curious thing is, when I view the folder on localhost, if I type in the address of the locahost (I.e., it automatically convert to, then I can see the site.

I don't think it's a firewall thing since I can still access the xampp folder in htdocs on the network computer, anything to do with the DNS or something else?

You help is greatly appreciated
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