Network computer cannot view folder other than XAMPP

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Network computer cannot view folder other than XAMPP

Postby newrocknow » 02. July 2010 23:39

Hi, I'm running XAMPP on a local network on windows, after the installation I can view the default xampp folder in htdocs both on localhost and network computer. However, when i create a new folder in htdocs, I get a unable to connect error message when I try to access this folder on network computer, I can still view the new folder on localhost computer.

The curious thing is, when I view the folder on localhost, if I type in the address of the locahost (I.e., it automatically convert to, then I can see the site.

I don't think it's a firewall thing since I can still access the xampp folder in htdocs on the network computer, anything to do with the DNS or something else?

You help is greatly appreciated
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Re: Network computer cannot view folder other than XAMPP

Postby JonB » 03. July 2010 17:39

that is because the default ServerName in the apache/conf/httpd.conf is the loopback address of ''. (only viewable on the machine it is installed on) You need to change that if you want to work on multiple machines.

It looks like yours should be the fixed IP of the machine XAMPP is on in your local loop. BTW, NORMALLY would be the router's address. So its unikely that is the right address (unless you do not have a router AND your XAMPP machine is also the Intenet Connection Gateway).

In Control Panel > Network connections > Status > Support , you will find the IP in use by your computer.

If your are using DHCP, you will need to reserve the IP of the machine XAMPP is on to be a particular address. The best way to do things would be to use fixed IP's for the machines (or better your whole local network) you want to interact with your XAMPP server.

If all this makes no sense, you have a ways to go, but you are headed in the right direction -- you will learn a lot.

Good Luck
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