installing joomla

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installing joomla

Postby deede » 30. June 2010 16:25

Hello. I have a problem with with my joomla installation. When I enter the hostname as localhost, i get the error message "valid name", because im installing on my localhost.

Im using windows 7. Im running on the latest version of XAMPP. Please help. And maybe give me all the default details for installation because i thought i had them right.
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Re: installing joomla

Postby Altrea » 30. June 2010 16:28

deede wrote:When I enter the hostname as localhost, i get the error message "valid name"

"valid name" is an error message?
valid name sounds like something good :D

P.S.: default host is localhost, because your mysql-Database is on the same computer.
Default MySQL Port is 3306
Default DB Username is root (you should create a new one)
Default password is empty (isn't set)
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Re: installing joomla

Postby deede » 30. June 2010 17:26

Hey even though it says Valid name, it does not get me anywhere. I type localhohost, or wrong name, i get the same thing. Then I remain in the same page.

Im installing on windows 7 for the first time, but I have installed in Windows XP successfully before.

I also have MYSQL 2005 installed, dont you suppose it will clash on the local host because yesterday I got an error message sayin the MySQL has been denied, but today its ok
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Re: installing joomla

Postby smaudet » 02. July 2010 22:00

Could you perhaps be a bit more specific about your installation? I'm running Windows 7 Pro with Xampp and Joomla installed and it works just fine for me:

Installation directory:

Setup completed with no problems, said something about putting things in the right folder, and it appears php references itself in C:\xampp\xampp, so I'd have to start a new installation it seems to easily move everything to C:\xampp...not a huge problem though.

Of course I have to go in and manually start apache (the control panel gets confused because of my apache web server service), and start mysql from the control panel. I went into phpMyAdmin and set up another username for myself and put passwords on both root and my new username.
Then I unzipped joomla to the htdocs directory, browsed to localhost/joomla, and followed the instructions, without a hitch.

Finally I had to delete the "installation" directory from within the "joomla" directory, and, of course, login with the login I created while installing joomla.

So if you could be more specific as to your problem, I'd be willing to help you out.
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Re: installing joomla

Postby deede » 06. July 2010 12:04

Hey I managed to resolve the problem.

I re installed a Joomla. A different package

Then i have start xampp and initialise it before accessing the localhost after restarting the windows. But with Windows Xp i never used to do that.
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