show Apache 2.0 test page without Apache installed

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Postby abhumi » 30. June 2010 10:30


I have a weird problem bring Apache 2.0 test page, complete with its documentation,... but I already removed my previous (and unsuccessful) installation of Apache.

Now I can't install a new Apache instance, because port 80 on my PC was used (by system PID 4)

I've tried searching for the file in the documentation, (ex. new_features_2_0.html), but although i can reach it through, i can't find the file on my HDD (even with hidden & system file shown)...

Does Apache have a chace? and how can Apache run as System (PID 4) on windows 7?


Before this, I recently have an accident,...
I've installed an apache through xampp-win32-1.7.3 packet,...
without realizing i have IIS installed on my PC,...

the installation shows that port 80 was already used (most probably by IIS) which is normal,...
after that I uninstall xampp and IIS, and then reinstall xampp,...
the funny thing is port 80 is still in used, but this time by apache, and it is a different instance than the current apache intallation,
so my second intallation also failed

I'm desperate, and any kind of help is appreciated... :(
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Re: show Apache 2.0 test page without Apache installed

Postby JonB » 30. June 2010 16:56

read through this thread - its the same kind of problem (a persistent Apache installation)


A simple thng to do would be to search your local drive for all occurences of httpd.exe (the Apache daemon executable)

Even more useful - you can take a look in My Computer > Manage > Services and Applications > Services, now locate the Apache service, right click, select Properties and check the 'path to executable'. That will tell you where it (the running Apache service) installed.

Good Luck

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