Php parse problem

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Php parse problem

Postby pishisaurus » 28. June 2010 23:02


After I upgraded to the latest version of xampp, everything looks fine except that a php program which used to work is not working any more after the code that calls the database by such a code "connection =
mysql_connect("localhost", "root",..." just dumps the php code inside the browser.

So, I need to know is there such a character that is not supported anymore?
Or, could I switch to a previous version of PHP in Xampp?

Thanks for your help,
pishi :roll:
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Re: Php parse problem

Postby Altrea » 29. June 2010 05:12

An full example script would be nice to see what the problem is.

I guess it could be something with short_open_tags.
Try the forum search for that and check that out.

hope that helps
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Re: Php parse problem-FIXED

Postby pishisaurus » 29. June 2010 23:01

Thanks my Apache friend!
I switched the short tags on in php.ini and it works now.
Thanks again
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