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xampp , eclipse and perl

PostPosted: 28. June 2010 12:04
by pdc124
im running xampp and eclipse all from a USB stick .
im having problems with the perl executable
ive opened the file in the eclipse editor and the perl script has the shebang line of

i get the error

'perl' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

the same error happens when I take the guestbook script that comes with XAMPP and try to run that , having opened it in eclipse, running from the USB stick.

How do I configure this to get it to run perl scripts edited in eclipse ?

Re: xampp , eclipse and perl

PostPosted: 30. June 2010 02:59
by JonB
Two things:

try your back slashes in the shebang path as forward slashes.

do you by any chance have mod_perl enabled?


Re: xampp , eclipse and perl

PostPosted: 30. June 2010 15:05
by pdc124
same with the slashes both ways . but when i run it from the r clikc menu form the file options, it runs. So its to do with the config for the console !