Problem with tmp (500mb files - cachegrind.out)

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Problem with tmp (500mb files - cachegrind.out)

Postby chaosu » 28. June 2010 10:08


I have weird problem with my xampp tmp folder, i just realized that with every action (im working with magento enterprise) on local server xampp creates for me those cache files, but the problem is that in 3m i have 500mb file, after few days my tmp folder had +20gb, i have newest version of xampp for windows, and
i added xdebug. I changed in php.ini values of tmp (so file upload have tmp/upload and xdebug - tmp/xdebug) for information whats going on, but i dont know how to solve that problem and what is the problem...

Is there anyone with similiar problem or solution ;D ?
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Re: Problem with tmp (500mb files - cachegrind.out)

Postby JonB » 30. June 2010 05:01

I doubt many are running Magneto on XAMMP, but... ... ache/index

Good Luck
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