Norman Shark Firewall Solution!!!! Apache stops!

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Norman Shark Firewall Solution!!!! Apache stops!

Postby dynamic » 21. June 2010 12:00

Hi, After a couple of days of having trouble to start Apache on two different Vista 32 Computers with Norman Shark Firewall and Virus Scanner Suite installed I finally found the solution for the problem:

Make an exception rule for C:\XAMPP\xampp (my example! use your own!) in the virus scanner exclude list in the Norman Suite. Shut off the Firewall on the Install and Update page from the Norman Suite (You have to restart the computer to let the change take place!). Do not shut the Firewall off on the Firewall page from the Norman Suite, because this does not stop it a 100% and Apache will still not start!

I have no problem using XAMPP on a Windows7 64 computer with Norman!

At the moment Norman Shark has no other solution for this problem and are not even aware of it , because I have had contact with a network/server specialist who is going to present the problem in Norway where the headquarters seems to be.
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