Not working new installation

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Not working new installation

Postby juanbejar » 19. June 2010 23:17

Hi, my name is Juan Bejar and my english is very poor, but I try to explain my problem as rihgt as possible to me.

I installed the last distribution of XAMPP in my localhost becouse I have some problems with the old.

Now I don´t work with the sites of I have programming. The scripts its the same but some configurations on the new XAMPP don't work fine in my computer.

For example: I working actually in a website: http://localhost/consultoragym and when try to view this in my localhost the next text was display:

mensajes=mysql_errno(); return false; } if (!mysql_select_db($databasen)){ $this->mensajes=mysql_error(); #return $this->$mensajes; return false; } return true; } //Desconeta de la DB function fin(){ @mysql_close(); } function begin() { $queryt='SET AUTOCOMMIT=0'; if (!$resultados=mysql_query($queryt)){ $this->mensajes=mysql_error(); return $this->mensajes; }; $queryt='BEGIN'; if (!$resultados=mysql_query($queryt)){ $this->mensajes=mysql_error(); return $this->mensajes; }; } function commit (){ $queryt='COMMIT'; $resultados=@mysql_query($queryt); return true; } function rollback (){ $queryt='ROLLBACK'; $resultados=@mysql_query($queryt); return false; } function query($misql){ #$this->connectdb(); $queryt=$misql; if (!@$rs=mysql_query($queryt)){ $this->mensajes=mysql_error(); #$this->$errnum=mysql_errno(); return false; }else{ $this->cant=mysql_affected_rows(); return $rs; } } //Fecha normal function fnormal($fecha){ ereg( "([0-9]{2,4})-([0-9]{1,2})-([0-9]{1,2})", $fecha, $mifecha); $lafecha=$mifecha[3]."/".$mifecha[2]."/".$mifecha[1]; return $lafecha; } //Convierte fecha de normal a mysql function fmysql($fecha){ ereg( "([0-9]{1,2})/([0-9]{1,2})/([0-9]{2,4})", $fecha, $mifecha); $lafecha=$mifecha[3]."-".$mifecha[2]."-".$mifecha[1]; return $lafecha; } } ?>
Fatal error: Class 'server' not found in C:\xampp\htdocs\consultoragym\clases\connection.php on line 11

Its possible to solve my problem in any way?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Not working new installation

Postby Altrea » 19. June 2010 23:46

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Thats most likely the reason
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Re: Not working new installation

Postby juanbejar » 19. June 2010 23:49

Many thanks! I be back to life!!
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