are there any telnet server work perfect w/ apachef

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are there any telnet server work perfect w/ apachef

Postby hackem » 25. January 2004 09:36

Hi all,

This is this first time , I use apachefriends and I really love I would like to install telnet server that will works perfectly w/ apachefriends. Can any one remember me any soft and I hope the next release will come w/ the telnet server..include in it..

any sugestion ??
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Postby FOCP » 31. January 2004 19:26

Hi hackem,

I hope you're not willing to build a TelNet-Server using MS Windows as operating system:?: In spite of this there certainly is a software foundation offering TelNet programs for Windows (and certainly Unix/Linux).


Personally I'd prefer SSH for all data is transfered (RSA-)encrypted and not "blank". Maybe you'd like to have a look at where OpenSSH is available for Unix/Linux.
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Postby MAGnUm » 03. February 2004 02:12

ssh/ telnet for windows... not good, try pc anywhere or alike... windows has many powerful command line programs/ options, but it is a graphical os and should be treated as such. whaterver you do dont use the built in remote desktop viewer/ terminal services that ship w/ windows xp and 2k server (2k pro?), its not a good idea.
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