XAMPP with php 4.3.11?

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XAMPP with php 4.3.11?

Postby Chenelle » 13. June 2010 01:30

I've successfully installed the latest version of XAMPP, however I found out later that my php version and my host server's version are completely different.
I need to get PHP 4.3.11 but I do not understand how to manually install it. I am hoping that there is an easy XAMPP download with the minimum version of php available?

I am a bit of a newb at this, so it is rather intimidating to me. Hopefully, someone can help :?
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Re: XAMPP with php 4.3.11?

Postby Altrea » 13. June 2010 10:09

Why does your host server have PHP 4.3.11? That's a big security risk! PHP 4 is end of life (PHP 4.3.11 is out of date since 5 years).
I really recommend you to update the PHP-version of your host server!
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Re: XAMPP with php 4.3.11?

Postby Radzio » 13. June 2010 10:29

Some hosting companies are really lazy when it comes to updating PHP or Apache.
But some allow user to change PHP version in admin panel. Companies in my country usually provide PHP5 as well as PHP4.
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