downgrade php in xampp

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downgrade php in xampp

Postby bigbrother » 12. June 2010 02:57


is there a way to downgrade the php version in xampp to php5.2.x

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Re: downgrade php in xampp

Postby Radzio » 12. June 2010 07:58

There is always a way to downgrade.
Download PHP5.2 VC6 binaries and copy them to php directory of xampp.
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Re: downgrade php in xampp

Postby yezariel » 23. July 2010 11:27


As a follow up on this, I downloaded from and copied the files into the xampp/php folder. If I re-start Apache, I get the following message in the Apache Error Log: "[Fri Jul 23 02:55:40 2010] [warn] pid file E:/xampp/apache/logs/ overwritten -- Unclean shutdown of previous Apache run?". Also the Apache doesn't start. Any recommendations, how I could make it work?


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