filezilla "can't establish connection"

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Re: filezilla "can't establish connection"

Postby Davifea » 16. June 2010 04:59

Problem has been resolved and it was an quite unsatisfying.

The solution came about from the suggestion to check the NIC. I called the service provider and was advised that the NIC card was not the problem. The problem was the person who leased the server (not me) was sent an email from the service provider that for security reasons certain ports would be blocked until they called to confirm that they received this email and could identify themselves as the lessee. One of those ports was the FTP port.

After my phone call they unblocked the port and Voila.

Thanks to everyone who responded.
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Re: filezilla "can't establish connection"

Postby JonB » 16. June 2010 12:31

Heh - welcome to wierd world of providers. I am struggling (Non-XAMPP) with a crippled phpMyAdmin on one VPS. oh well.

I'm glad you got it sorted out.

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