"Something is wrong with the XAMPP installation :-("

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"Something is wrong with the XAMPP installation :-("

Postby fincomix » 07. June 2010 23:15

I just installed Xampp 1.7.3 on my windows Vista computer

When I type in http://localhost/xampp/ or I get A Xampp for windows page. This page tells me I have successfully installed Xampp on my Comp.

When i try to run the index.html in my Xamp htdocs it works fine. But when I try and run the index.php file it says

"Something is wrong with the XAMPP installation :-(".

could someone help me how i can get this to work...i have tried to locate the config file but could not find the php config.

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Re: "Something is wrong with the XAMPP installation :-("

Postby JonB » 08. June 2010 05:35

Look here:

Likely the same -- meaning nothing is really wrong...


tip: that's what they have the 'search this forum for - :wink:

Good Luck
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