phpMyAdmin won't work

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phpMyAdmin won't work

Postby kiddsmpsn » 04. June 2010 21:02

So this is part of my xampp installation and I am having problems accessing phpMyAdmin. I unpacked xampp into c:\xampp. I can start xampp_start fine and localhost/xampp brings up the index.php and I am able to access some files from xampp home. Now when I go to access myPhpAdmin the browser spits out the error that apache http server has stopped working. I know phpMyAdmin has to access my MySQL account running on my local machine. I have used MySQL quite a bit in the past and phpMyAdmin quite a bit from a remote server but never both on my own machine. I believe I already had an instance of mysql running on my machine with the standard, localhost:3306. I'm wondering if that is causing a problem. Very little useful information is provided in the error message on this. I actually already had apache server on my machine as well but I am sure it was not running. I searched for myPhphAdmin crashes apache in the forum and nothing came up so I could not find where somebody else had this same problem.

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Re: phpMyAdmin won't work

Postby JonB » 04. June 2010 23:41

This topic may be helpful:


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