XAMPP and MSSQL Problem

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XAMPP and MSSQL Problem

Postby SdWaYeRTB » 03. June 2010 22:38

From 10 days or more i dont know maybe more ... I have a big CPU problem with XAMPP and MSSQL . When i stop XAMPP (Apache) CPU goes to 20-25 % Normally ... But when apache is working cpu is 80-100 % And this is not load of apache.exe this is load of sqlservr.exe .
And i use Windows Server 2003 with computer specifications :
Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 ( 2 x 3.16 GHz )
3 GB RAM ( 2 GB Kingston , 1 GB SuperTalent)
250 GB HDD

I'm trying to get a solution from more than 1 week but problem is still here :(
For the last i can say only this is not becouse my web package (i tryed to put a another one) still have this CPU problem i'm tryed to remove some scripts from web to view what script making this load but i can't find it .
I opened a one Process Explorer when all is online and in sqlservr.exe it shows MSVCRT.DLL!endthread+0x36 many times with cpu load 2 - 3 % when apache is opened when stop it it show that error again but not more than 2-3 times ... And i changed to that Windows becouse in Windows XP i have problem with Win32AcceptEx but i don't think now i have that problem . Please someone help me i search in forums from 1 week and more to found solution to my problem but not found ;(:(
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