cannot use PEAR

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cannot use PEAR

Postby Duke555 » 03. June 2010 04:28

how are you?
wanted to consult you with the following issue.
I have xampp installed in the following dir:
c:\program files\xampp\xampp\
and i was trying to implement a child of a PEAR auth.php 's class
my php docs are in c:\program files\xampp\xampp\htdocs
i tried the following paths in order include PEAR auth class:

1) ..\PEAR\zend (this is where auth is actually located) -> relative path
2) c:\program files\xampp\xampp\PEAR\zend

neither of the two actually worked.
what do i have to do? do i have to configure .cof file?

thank you :)
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Re: cannot use PEAR

Postby Nobbie » 03. June 2010 09:53

>c:\program files\xampp\xampp\

It is NOT recommended to install xampp into "program files". Instead you *should* follow the manual and install it into c:\xampp
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