Using Tomcat when part of XAMPP

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Using Tomcat when part of XAMPP

Postby ralph.rose » 28. May 2010 05:49

I have a java servlet which I can demo in tomcat when it is in its own directory as c:/tomcat and loaded as a zip file. The tomcat that is part of XAMPP is loaded as an extension of XAMPP. To get my demo to work in the regular tomcat I have to go though a setup procedure. The steps are: 1) load java and setup JAVA_HOME system variable to point to the java directory. 2) extract zip file for tomcat and load at c:\tomcat. 3) copy servlet-api.jar jsp-api.jar & el-api.jar from c:\tomcat\common\lib to c:\jdk15\jre\lib\ext where jdk15 is the location of the java loaded in step 1. 4) Change context.xml in c:\tomcat\conf to read <Context reloadable="true" privileged="true" > 5) Create a classes folder under c:\tomcat\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\. This classes folder will be where the class files of the project you are working on. 6) Edit web.xml located in c:\tomcat\conf by uncommenting the invoker blocks. If asked I will discribe more completely. After following this procedure and tomcat is running I could call the project from the browser using http://localhost:8080/servlet/ProjectName where the class file of the project have been placed in the classes folder. When I follow this procedure modified for tomcat working inside XAMPP, it does not work. I am not able to call the project using localhost:8080 addressing. Should I use some other addressing? or should I modify some other web.xml file etc? If you have an idea, let me hear it.
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Re: Using Tomcat when part of XAMPP

Postby JonB » 29. May 2010 19:55

THis is for an older version Of XAMPP, but it appears to have the info you require: ... -xampp.doc

There's one line not translated from Vietnamese, but that is what Google translate is for,

Here's a two part video on the same subject

Good Luck
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