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Security for offline usage?

PostPosted: 27. May 2010 16:45
by phailey
Hi there, I've only just come across xampp today so please bear with me.

Essentially I have a registration form for a client which we run online, functioning via php and storing captured data. They are exhibiting at a number of shows and would like to have this registration form available for attendees to complete, so rather than having to pay for/depend on a constant internet connection at the show, xampp looked like the ideal solution for running this form locally on their laptop and store the data into a text file. I've installed xampplite 1.7.3 for Windows on my local install of XP, which was very straightfoward and it's all worked a treat.
The question I have is with regards to security. We're not running a database on the laptop, just the server, the HTML registration form and all its elements are in the htdocs folder of our xampp install and the data captured via the form is simply being stored in a text file on the laptop. With this in mind, do I need to worry about any of the security settings? And if they do happen to get an internet connect, and still choose to run the local version of the registration form, again are there any security settings worth activating.
Apologies in advance if this is a rather obvious request, but as I say this is all very new to me so I want to make sure I'm covered.

Many thanks for any advice.
Kind regards