problem with xampp + apc

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problem with xampp + apc

Postby gta4kv » 24. May 2010 17:30


i'm doing simply upload progress with APC (apc.rfc1867)

everything is fine, everything is working, BUT
I upload a file and see
array(6) { ["total"]=> int(365549901) ["current"]=> int(5403) ["filename"]=> string(36) "" ["name"]=> string(8) "userfile" ["done"]=> int(0) ["start_time"]=> float(1274717818.4518) }

i.e. file have upload successfully but ["current"]=> int(5403) from ["total"]=> int(365549901)
and there is no problems on *nix server (no xampp, just apache+php+apc)

what is my problem?
(sorry for my english)
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