SSL How to enable it for my first site

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SSL How to enable it for my first site

Postby marco11111 » 21. May 2010 19:26

Hi!(sorry in advance for my bad english and thanks in advance for help)

I have a problem with enabling SSL for my site. Its my first step with it and I dont't know what to do. I have the newest Xampp installed in windows xp sp3. My site is in c:\www\web directory and I get it by writing http://localhost.tld/. All works fine, when I don't use encryption. But what to do for encrypt it(mainly I want secured login mechanism)? I tried write SSLRequireSSL in httpd-vhosts.conf before the </Directory> , but then when I type https://localhost.tld/, it redirect me to https://localhost.tld/xampp - so I see xampp info site. I didn't generated certificate, because I read somewhere that for tests I can use default certificate. What I have to do to get my site using SSL and typing https://localhost.tld/ ?
Please don't redirect me to google- I was searching a lot and I didnt solve for my problem.

EDIT: I have just copied files to C:\xampp\htdocs and it works. I haven't exactly solve my problem, so I leave topic so far...
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