XAMPP Installation on FAT32 fails

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XAMPP Installation on FAT32 fails

Postby Corelgott » 19. May 2010 17:56

Hi Folks,

I just tried to install XAMPP (xampp-win32-1.5.4a-installer.exe) on an old NT4 SP6 on a FAT32 Partition. During the Installation an error pops up, claiming that the decompressing of a cfg file failed. It turned out, that installing XAMPP on c:\Xampp\path\to\file\a-log-filename.cfg exceeded the 256 Char-Limit of Fat32, thus returning a write error to the installation. The easy fix seems to be to convert the drive to this fancy new NTFS-File-System... (aka cmd->convert c: /FS:NTFS). This is normally done on next reboot of the maschine due to the need for exclusive access. Converting made no problem due to my setup and the server roll. Would that maschine still be in "real" use, it might be a different story though.

I just wanted to post it somewhere so that this dosen't gets lost... Btw. is there something like a ticket system / bug-tracker?



PS.: This post is for informational purpose only. It's not meant as a question. But be welcome to comment ^
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