Help with http://localhost:8080

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Help with http://localhost:8080

Postby mooihoek » 19. May 2010 11:27

I installed apache on port 8080 as I have something else running on port 80. How can I change the default when http://localhost:8080 is entered into the browser at the moment it goes to the xammp admin page which I dont want ! I want it to default to a directory under D:\Program Files\xampp\htdocs\mywebsite.
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Re: Help with http://localhost:8080

Postby BigWetDog » 19. May 2010 12:14

The default directory for Apache is set using the DocumentRoot directive. By default xampp apache uses "/xampp/htdocs" and uses default.php to then redirect requests for http://localhost to http://localhost/xampp.
Changing your DocumentRoot in httpd.conf to "/xampp/htdocs/mywebsite" will give you what you want but will have the side effect of making your xampp admin site inaccessible. An alternative would be to setup virtual hosts where the xampp admin site would be accessible only from the local machine, and all others available from outside the machine.
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