Tomcat and auto regeneration mod_jk.conf

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Tomcat and auto regeneration mod_jk.conf

Postby blueven » 13. May 2010 15:30

i'm an italian boy.
First i want say that xampp is a great job! Congratulations!
I would ask you about Tomcat addon.
I installed all and all work good. I try to personalize the mod_jk.conf in tomcat/conf/auto, but when i restart tomcat my setting are deleted because the file is regenerated.
There is a way to block the auto regeneration of this file?

P.s. Excuse for my english :)

Thanks to all.
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Re: Tomcat and auto regeneration mod_jk.conf

Postby JonB » 15. May 2010 03:59

you might want to read the later part of this: ... o.html#s81

good luck.

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