mysql remote access

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mysql remote access

Postby OwenWatson » 07. May 2010 02:49

Just wondering how you turn on remote access for mysql without doing a reinstall in Windows. I've traced through the mysql service properties and its call to xampp\mysql\bin\my.ini, and the skip-networking call there is commented out. Any clues?

I think it's a mysql problem; I've set up firewall exception for 3306, and the error message when I try and connect is:
ERROR 1130 (HY000): Host 'owen-watson.networkname' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server
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Re: mysql remote access

Postby JonB » 08. May 2010 14:46

You are probaby correct (MySQL thing)

Assumptions are dangerous.

Are you trying to remotely connect to the XAMPP-installed MySQL engine? (not through a browser pointing to localhost or the server-name configured in Apache {which ultimately resolve to 'that machine'}).

I do remote connections to use MySQL Workbench for instance.

If so:

You DID do the GRANT PRIVILEGES part on the database in question, right?

You also set a PW on the MySQL 'root' user hopefully.

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Re: mysql remote access

Postby OwenWatson » 11. May 2010 02:22

Fixed. Didn't see the bit in phpMyAdmin Add User about the scope of a new user's permissions.
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