How to determine WAN IP with php/ssi/etc?

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How to determine WAN IP with php/ssi/etc?

Postby marsel martin » 04. May 2010 14:37

I'm trying to use a java program for my webcam page, but there is one slight problem. I'm on DSL and my IP changes, and the java needs the exact IP! I've been tryign to use a program called IP-Update for the pages I need updated, but the program doesn't work half the time, and was really poorly written to start with--sometimes it modifies the source files instead of the destination files, and things like that.

Someone said to use צימר מושב

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or Poker Anbieter

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<!--#echo var="SERVER_ADDR" -->

, but that only returns my LAN IP :(

Does anyone know of either a program that can take source files and stuff my IP in them, or a way to get the server to include the WAN IP? Any hel pwould be greatly appreciated!


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P.S. I can use a page like to get my external IP...that is actually what IP-Update uses as well.
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