New Xampp - Apache???

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New Xampp - Apache???

Postby Hacktor » 03. May 2010 16:23

Apache HTTP Server 2.2.14 has vulnerabilities. When will Xampp upgraded with Apache HTTP Server 2.2.15 ??? :?:
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Re: New Xampp - Apache???

Postby JonB » 04. May 2010 02:10

Not wanting to be a complete 'smarty-pants' here, I'll ask 'are you using/running ISAPI modules?"

I have a hard time imagining how small the class of XAMPP on Windows users are that have implemented ISAPI modules is (infinitesimal comes to mind) ISAPI modules generally are a part of an IIS environment. I use ISAPI modules and filters, but only on my IIS servers. They are 'heavy-duty' components, almost always a custom or customizable design and almost never seen outside a production environment. Mine are commercial security wrappers, require a systems engineer to grok and are quite expensive. If someone WERE running ISAPI modules on Windows under Apache, I'm 99.995% sure they would do a full Apache install, not on XAMPP.

I agree that it would be wonderful to have a 'refresh' on XAMPP for Windows, but I suspect this is an almost negligible threat.

Googling 'ISAPI modules' will be instructive. Of course, there is always that .005%, LOL. :lol:

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