How to run XAMPP on startup??

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How to run XAMPP on startup??

Postby Jonnyb42 » 29. April 2010 22:33

For when my computer shuts down for some reason, I want xampp to start up running apache and filezilla when my computer turns back on.
How do I do this?
I looked in msconfig Startup list and xampp is no where to be seen or apache or filezilla.
I even checked the Svc header for each and I still see no where under startup.
How can I run xampp with apache/filezilla/maybe others automatically when windows starts?

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Re: How to run XAMPP on startup??

Postby Altrea » 29. April 2010 23:08

start your xampp control panel and tick the svc checkboxes of the services you want to register.
Another way is to execute the service batch files inside the Apache, MySQL, etc folders.
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