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phpmyadmin not showing all data

PostPosted: 20. January 2004 01:58
by fivespeed5
I installed everything on winxp and started up apache and mysql. When I go to edit the database, say the structure, the page will sometimes display and sometimes won't display all the data.

For example if I have 3 fields, sometimes the page will only display 1 field and not display anything further like the query window or the other 2 fields.

clicked on structure:
doesn't load the whole page
then clicked on structure again, this time had to click on it twice to get the whole page.


PostPosted: 20. January 2004 16:29
by MAGnUm
you might want to check out:

good luck!

PostPosted: 20. January 2004 20:11
by fivespeed5
I looked in there and couldn't find anything. It's obviously a timing problem somewhere since if I repeately hit the same link it will sometimes show and sometimes won't show.


PostPosted: 27. January 2004 19:19
by MAGnUm
have you tried using a diffrent web browser. :?: