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Basic Question

Postby collispj » 27. April 2010 21:49

I have just installed XAMPP (and s/ware family) for Windows (XP, SP3) and used phpmyadmin to create my database successfully. I now need (I assume) to copy my php files via filezilla to the Xampp environment but, having started filezilla, I cannot see how to open the local and remote windows. I am sure I'm missing sometime blindingly obvious but it's defeating me. Help much appreciated.
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Re: Basic Question

Postby JonB » 28. April 2010 01:10

IF its a machine right in front of you, and the files are also local, you can use Windows explorer to move the files.

IF the files are on a remote host, and you wish to move them to your local machine's XAMPP folders, then install FileZilla client (if it is not already installed) and make the local folder you wish to install in (presumably something under htdocs) your destination and DL from the 'old server'. Remember about ASCII mode on .php files.

Good Luck
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Re: Basic Question

Postby collispj » 30. April 2010 08:13

Thanks Jon,

I'm an old ex-IBM mainframe guy and I assumed that the apache/xampp created a virtual server that required files to be transferred to it. Silly really.

All is going well with the build so far. I didn't know what php was a month ago and now I have the basic system running. It allows people to enter french as they learn it and test themselves on their word-set. And it generates all (well, does 4 at he moment) complicated conjugations.

Thanks for your help.

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