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XAMPP issue

Postby dinusha_kade » 27. April 2010 06:22


I installed XAMPP 1.7.3 . Operating system is window ultimate. Apache and MySQL services are running on XAMPP. But When I type http://localhost/ in web browser it will display "It Works" . I can not get XAMPP logo page. Why I cannot get XAMPP logo page. So I cannot go for joomla setup. please advice me

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Re: XAMPP issue

Postby Gabriele » 27. April 2010 10:10

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Re: XAMPP issue

Postby JonB » 28. April 2010 01:22


You're likely getting that page as a result of changes in \apache\conf\httpd.conf in the Directory Index Section.

that determines the order pages will be served when a Directory is requested (the default page) being when a URL does not specify a page.

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http://yourdomain.tld/ or http://yourdomain.tld for instance.

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