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Install ffmpeg for windows

PostPosted: 26. April 2010 18:07
by martunis
Step 1
Install xampp, use latest version. After installation there should be a directory C:\xampp
In this example i use C:\xampp as default directory.

Step 2
Check if gd2 is installed, you can do this by using phpinfo() in you script.

Step 3
Download ffmpeg.exe from one of the following links:

Step 4
Unpack the downloaded zip or 7z file, three files should show up namely ffmpeg.exe, ffplay.exe, pthreadGC2.dll .

Step 5
Download the ffmpeg windows dll files:

Step 6
Unpack the downloaded zip file, five dlls should show up namely php_ffmpeg_20050123.dll, php_ffmpeg_20050212.dll, php_ffmpeg_20050618.dll and also avcodec.dll and avformat.dll

Step 7
Copy 1 of 3 dlls which you've unpacked in step 6 into C:\xampp\php\extensions. Rename the dll to php_ffmpeg.dll

Step 8
Open your php.ini file which you find in C:\xampp\php .Add the following line to the list with dlls:
Check also if extension=php_gd2.dll is uncommented. If not then remove the ;

Step 9
Copy the avcodec.dll and avformat.dll which you've unpacked in step 6 to C:\WINDOWS\system32

Step 10
Copy pthreadGC2.dll which was unpacked in step 4 to C:\WINDOWS\system32

Step 11
Restart xampp

Simple Example
Step 12
Create a directory in C:\xampp\htdocs for example\www

Step 13
Open the httpd.conf file, this one you find in C:\xampp\apache\conf
Add under the line
NameVirtualHost localhost:80

the next data
<VirtualHost localhost:80>
DocumentRoot C:/xampp/htdocs/

Step 14
Find the hosts file on your computer, somewhere in the windows directory and add the following line:

Step 15
Restart xampp

Step 16
Make a php file in the DocumentRoot (C:\xampp\htdocs\\www) for example test.php

Step 17
Add a flv file to the DocumentRoot. In this example i call it wattan.flv.

Step 18
Copy ffmpeg.exe which you've unpacked in step 4 into the DocumentRoot.(C:\xampp\htdocs\\www)

Step 19
Add the following code to the test.php file:
$ffmpegpath = "ffmpeg.exe";
$input = 'wattan.flv';
$output = 'wattan.jpg';

if (make_jpg($input, $output)){
echo 'success';
echo 'bah!';

function make_jpg($input, $output, $fromdurasec="01") {
global $ffmpegpath;

if(!file_exists($input)) return false;
$command = "$ffmpegpath -i $input -an -ss 00:00:$fromdurasec -r 1 -vframes 1 -f mjpeg -y $output";

@exec( $command, $ret );
if(!file_exists($output)) return false;
if(filesize($output)==0) return false;
return true;
Posted: 16. February 2009 22:04
i have followed these steps, but no result. please i hope that helps