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Move XAMPP to new server

Postby westsurf99 » 26. April 2010 01:55

Hello and thank you for your assistance!

I am reinstalling one of my XP machines and I would like to preserve the XAMPP configuration. Is it possible to backup the XAMPP directory and reconfigure it once it's copied to the reinstalled machine? I am using XAMPP for Wordpress development. So I have Wordpress installed on top of XAMPP using phpMyAdmin/mySQL. I also configured MercuryMail with my local Thunderbird client and PHPList for testing e-mail. Please let me know if it would be easier to reinstall everything or if it is possible to save my configuration/reload it to the new system.
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Re: Move XAMPP to new server

Postby MC10 » 26. April 2010 02:33

Yes, I believe that your plan should work, as XAMPP does not store any entries into the registry. Copy the entire xampp directory to your backup, reinstall XP (or whatever you need to do), move xampp back onto your computer, and run setup_xampp.bat. setup_xampp.bat should do everything for you. Make sure to uninstall/reinstall any services you used.
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