I am not retaining $_SESSION["varname"]

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I am not retaining $_SESSION["varname"]

Postby ralph.rose » 22. April 2010 03:56

I ran a PHP program involving a number of pages, but session variables are not being retained. Test case is start session with session_start(), and define some session variables and post to second page and session variable are not defined. Checked them with isset($_SESSION["conn"]). I could have been using XAMPP lite but am switching over to also have tomcat with add on.
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Re: I am not retaining $_SESSION["varname"]

Postby Altrea » 22. April 2010 04:41

Some more information about your code would be very helpful (sourcecode of your pages for example).

This can be a problem with:
- short_open_tags
- wrong Syntax (how about error_reporting? already tried to echo out a Session variable right after setting them?)
- forgotten session_start() function on your second page
- wrong place for the session_start() function (must be the very first on every page)
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