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Cross-platform set of libraries?

PostPosted: 21. April 2010 13:19
by xandrani

I found XAMPP and initially thought it was for Windows only. However when the installation asked me if I wanted to not use drive letters in order to make it cross-platform I was really pleased.

However I've also just discovered ( that there is a completely inconsistent match between which libraries it is compiled with, e.g. some installations include GD library and other platforms don't. This seems extremely illogical to me and seems to defeat a huge positive feature that XAMPP could have had.

Can the developers please try and make the included libraries across platforms more consistent please. If a team is developing on different platforms (which is good for testing websites on different browsers) then this is essential. As it stands the only libraries that can currently used by myself are the intersection of libraries across the set of development platforms that my team uses.


Re: Cross-platform set of libraries?

PostPosted: 21. April 2010 13:28
by xandrani
On further inspection it looks like a documentation error.

Ignore the list of what is included here:

Please update the list!