remove XAMPP completely?

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remove XAMPP completely?

Postby jwoolf » 19. April 2010 23:59

I had the same problem as another topic down a few lines: I was trying to get MySQL to run, and kept getting the "connection failed" error. Sequence of events:

1) installed XAMPP
2) installed MySQL with a user account and the root account. User account had a password, root account didn't.
3) added a root password through PHPMyAdmin. Connection failure began happening after I did this.
4) tried different possible fixes, including the "change password" advice in the FAQ.
5) tried to remove and reinstall XAMPP. Since I didn't like the folder it originally installed to, I took this opportunity to try to change that, and installed to a different folder.

Now nothing will work. The Windows list of services keeps looking for Apache in the old location, which of course is no longer valid. Thus, Apache won't start automatically. When I start it manually with xampp_start, it starts and runs, but I still have the MySQL connection error.

I want to COMPLETELY REMOVE all traces of the XAMPP install, so that I can reinstall it from scratch. How do I do this?

-- Jon W
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Re: remove XAMPP completely?

Postby Altrea » 20. April 2010 06:27

To fully uninstall xampp you just had to run the uninstall script.

This will do the following:
- unregister services
- delete startmenu icons
- delete xampp program folder

In your case, you had to unregister the service and reregister it again (if wanted)
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Re: remove XAMPP completely?

Postby jwoolf » 21. April 2010 00:33

I didn't see an uninstall for XAMPP, but a bit of searching found uninstall batfiles for Apache and MySQL. Ran both of those, then ran the matching install batfiles. Seems to be working now.

Thanks for the help.

-- Jon W.
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