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Xampp on HDD's

PostPosted: 18. April 2010 10:27
by Dj Aligator
I want to use it and on another HDD, I mean to take file not install it.
I have it on C:\ partition but i want also to take some file and from another partition because i don't want to put all files than i need to that partition.

Is this possible? If yes can someone tell me how to do it?

Maybe this question is was asked before but i couldn't find it.

Re: Xampp on HDD's

PostPosted: 18. April 2010 12:55
by Nobbie
Read the Apache Doc about "ALIAS" Directive.

Re: Xampp on HDD's

PostPosted: 18. April 2010 14:23
by Dj Aligator
i read it but still dosen't work. Need more help :(

Re: Xampp on HDD's

PostPosted: 18. April 2010 14:28
by Altrea
Dj Aligator wrote:still dosen't work

WHAT doesn't work exactly?
Have you restartet your Apache?
Do you get any error messages?
Doesn't your Apache start anymore?
What have you changed after reading?
Show us the code of your changes?

You must learn to explain more exactly what is going on if you want to get fast help.

Re: Xampp on HDDs

PostPosted: 18. April 2010 20:58
by Dj Aligator
<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs"
ServerName World Of Dj Aligator
Alias /files "F:/downloads"
ErrorLog logs/website-error_log
CustomLog logs/website-access_log common

Xampp dosen't start anymore

Please some one who use it and it's work good to make the settings, i'm absolute beginner on this. I have the website in C:\xampp\htdocs and i want to have access to other file that can be downloaded from F:\ and E:\ HDDs