PHP directories and files

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PHP directories and files

Postby BillClark » 16. April 2010 19:47

Hi again,
I don't like to use all the posts on here but I have a new problem!

I checked the status screen and it shows PHP deactivated! Can anyone tell me why I would have this? It may be why my files don't work.

Can anyone tell me the process to activate the PHP part of the program?

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Re: PHP directories and files

Postby JonB » 18. April 2010 05:18

Q: What happens when you click on the phpinfo()?

Anyway, if you got that message by clicking on Status, don't worry, PHP is running; that page is 'status.php'. You accessed the page from an IP other than localhost or (or other reserved IPs) - so XAMPP has drawn a blind over some of its settings.

As for your prroblem, did you place your PHP files in a folder under 'htdocs'?

Good Luck
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