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Xampp Redirects

PostPosted: 15. April 2010 11:09
by solidsquid
I'm running Xampp on windows and trying to get Magento running on it, but I've hit a bit of a stumbling block. I've got it so that the url redirects to the localhost server, but when I try to access it re-directs me to http://localhost/magento, which leaves me unable to log in to the admin section as it can't create any cookies. I've looked up alternative fixes, but they all seem to be for previous versions of Xampp as the code they tell you to change doesn't match the code in my build. Anyone have any ideas on how to disable this re-direct or even just get Magento working?

Oh, and I tried deleting the original index.html, but while that stops it redirecting localhost to localhost/xampp, it doesn't stop this redirect

Thanks in advance for your help