Running html & CGI files in XAMPP?

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Running html & CGI files in XAMPP?

Postby Rick-O-Shay » 09. April 2010 06:28


I have just installed XAMPP turned it on. I have some html files and some CGI files. Do I just throw all of those files in the htdocs folder?

Also, how do I access those through XAMPP? When I got to http://localhost/index.html I can access this file whether the web server is on or off so I must not really be running it through the server. Any ideas?
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Re: Running html & CGI files in XAMPP?

Postby Narrowboyy » 09. April 2010 06:53

If you throw all your files in the htdocs folder then you should delete the 2 index files already in there - index.html and index.php - and then use your own index file after starting the Apache server.

http://localhost will then find your own index file and http://localhost/xampp will find the XAMPP Demo Pages.

The way XAMPP is configured 'out of the box' should allow you to run cgi files from within the htdocs folder or you can use the \xampp\cgi-bin folder for your cgi scripts.

BTW if you can access http://localhost/index.html without starting Apache then you may have installation issues or another server on port 80 localhost.
Run \xampp\portcheck.exe and see what is using the ports that XAMPP needs exclusively.

http://localhost/index.html should give the XAMPP message It Works!
http://localhost/index.php should give the XAMPP Demo Pages.

Some helpful reading:
\xampp\readme_en.txt file
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