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Mercurymail stmp problem

PostPosted: 08. April 2010 20:01
by Rattz
hi folks just wondering if anyone can help?

i've been trawling the net for the last 2 days for a answer for this...

i have setup apache for windows 7 but i can't get the test message in mercurymail to send, i have changed the .ini files and everything is working fine apart from this one point. all that happens is i get the message "Error! The message was not successfully sent!". below is a screen dump of my setup


thanks in advance for any help given


Re: Mercurymail stmp problem

PostPosted: 08. April 2010 20:40
by vanesns
Hi all!
I got the same issue that you! I notice that SMTP is deactivated, the SMTP and POP3 ports is free, and the Mercury is running on Xampp control.
I don't understood what I need to set on Mercury, and what I really need to change in php.ini and sendmail.ini files.
I supose that if I set the right configuration on Mercury, I don't need to change the files, but I'm not sure :roll: !!!
It's the 3rd day I try to send a log report on my web application, and I don't get success.
Thanks for any help someone can give!!

Re: Mercurymail stmp problem

PostPosted: 09. April 2010 01:14
by Narrowboyy
The Mercury HTML server can be disabled as you are using Apache instead.

@Rattz and vanesns
Please do a forum search for sendmail or email or mercury to see if there are any helpful configuration posts (Nobbie did a detailed configuration post IIRC).

The folder \xampp\MercuryMail holds the help files and the error log files also there is a forum and web site for Mercury Mail mentioned in those help files.

Please do not cross post in multiple topics with the same issue as this is deemed to be poor forum etiquette.