Windows Live Messenger & XAMPP Conflict

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Windows Live Messenger & XAMPP Conflict

Postby m0y » 06. April 2010 22:39

Hey dudes

First of all thanks for reading this, I'm just begun learning PHP and XAMPP is an awesome tool to install everything needed to start working.

I hope any of you can help me with this little issue I got:

I first installed XAMPP Lite and everything went ok, but I noticed 1 little (maybe big) problem:

I can't use at the same time Windows Live Messenger and "see" http://localhost/, I mean, to use Apache and everything I need to actually "kill" the msnmsgr process because of it localhost and any other website does not open.

Theres a list of things I've done to make this 2 work but nothing worked at all:

I'm running Windows XP Pro with SP3, current XAMPP 1.7.3 (earlier used XAMPP Lite 1.7.3), ESET Antivirus 4.0.437, Netopia 2247-62 router.

- Uninstalled XAMPP Lite and installed XMAPP 1.7.3 (everything is the same, in this case)
- Did port forward on the router to all ports Live Messenger uses (this solved another problem but this don't)
- Did port forward on the router to ports used by Apache & MySQL (the router didn't opened port 80, said Web-TCP was using it but PortChecker always says port 80 is free...)
- Changed "HTTP, HTTPS scanning setup" on ESET Antivirus to don't treat Messenger as a web browser (this also corrected other boot problem I had but not this one)
- Changed ports on httpd.conf from :80 to :8080 (not worked neither so reverted this)

I don't know what else to do, it's not something crucial but I like to use both Apache and Live Messenger at the same time...

Any help is welcome, thanks again for reading this :)

Greets from Mexico!!! :mrgreen:
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