XAMPP internet access

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XAMPP internet access

Postby Aidas » 06. April 2010 16:37

Hey, recently I've installed latest version XAMPP on my computer. Everything works fine in local network, but as I'm making a site, I want to show off to some other people, that are not in my local network, in other words, I want to have my site accessible from the internet. I've read some how-to's, and it looked pretty simple, just forward 80th port to your computer. Yeah, I did so, but when I try to access the site by my static internet IP, connection times out. I ran port check tool and it showed, that 80th port is used by skype, so I turned it off and the site still couldn't be accessed (I've tried to restart XAMPP or whole computer). Port checking sites say that connection to port 80 is being refused, but I don't know why, as I have just default windows 7 firewall, which has exceptions for both Apache and MySQL, and my ports are forwarded correctly, XAMPP's port check tool says that port 80 is being used by Apache. What else can I do? :roll: Thanks in advance! :wink:
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Re: XAMPP internet access

Postby whiterican » 15. July 2010 23:17

I don't know if you got that worked out but, You may also have to change your network configuration with regards to IIs: this is what I had to do to solve the conflict I was having.

However I am having jut the reverse problem you are having I cannot access web pages through my local connections.
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