MySQL not starting

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MySQL not starting

Postby giles » 05. April 2010 20:24

Hi All,

I've been using XAMPP as my localhost for some time now.

Recently, I've been doing some learning on SQL & have installed a variety of associated apps.
I'm now trying to start XAMPP's MySQL, but it appears to be failing.
My first thought is that one of my recent installs is blocking port 3306 - but on further inspection 3306 appears to be free

my question - so what should I try next?
Any I'd appreciate any help
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Re: MySQL not starting

Postby Nobbie » 05. April 2010 20:40

giles wrote:my question - so what should I try next?

Format your disk, re-install Windows, re-install Xampp and dont install furthermore "a variety of associated apps" as long as you have no idea, whether it may destroy your existing installations or not.

What about that?

If you dont like that answer, proceed to the forums of the "associated apps" and ask there, why it destroys your Xampp installation.
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