Can't open my own php file

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Can't open my own php file

Postby IggyLites » 03. April 2010 09:47

Hello All:

I just installed XAMPP on my Win 7 machine (I was running it on Mac, but I rather use my netbook for the webserver). If I go to http://localhost/ it opens the XAMPP page, as normal.

I've done another folder inside of xampp/htdocs called voltmeter in which I've put my own index.php file expecting to be able to access it through http://localhost/voltmeter/index.php right? Unfortunately it just keeps "loading" the page and not executing anything. This isn't a very complex file so I'm not sure what exactly could be going wrong there.

I just realized if I do http://localhost/index.php it won't open that either, but it DOES open the php files inside the frames in the XAMPP site.

Any ideas what could be going on here? I'm very green when it comes to web servers, I only learnt php to do this simple poject and now its kinda doing my head in!!

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