Running xampp from network drive?

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Running xampp from network drive?

Postby MarjWyatt » 03. April 2010 02:29

I relocated the xampp folder to a network drive and assigned it to a letter. I ran setup_xampp.bat and, as predicted, it informed me that it had to reassign environment variables. Yet, after completing the execution of the file, I had no menu, as I did when it was running from my C-Drive.

Before deleting the files from the previous folder, I renamed that folder, rebooted, and fired up the xampp console, which reported that xampp was running from Y: but none of the services had been started. It seemed like xampp hung whenever I tried starting them through the control panel.

I reinstated the previous name of the original installation folder, opened the control panel from the new folder folder location, and the control panel informs me it is looking at Y: again. Viewing features through xampp_cli.exe is reporting that the environment variables are still directed at the original installation folder. To further test the location of localhost, I planted a text file in the root folder of htdocs that is not showing up when I access xampp via FTP.

So, my questions are these:

Is it possible to run xampp from a network drive on my home network or not?
If so, what is the procedure for relocating xampp from a local drive to a network drive?
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