Web Server for Public Internet

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Web Server for Public Internet

Postby tanthiamhuat » 31. March 2010 04:57

I have downloaded and installed XAMPP for Windows, meant to be used for Web server for Public Internet.
I understand there are many security issues, and I need to make sure my web servers is secure.
I have applied the XAMPPSecurity, and my status for first three subject (XAMPP pages, MySQL admin, PhpMyAdmin) are all SECURE.
I also have successfully imported in a database in PhpMyAdmin. (Http: / / localhost / phpmyadmin)

In my program (written in C #), I am able to update that database in PhpMyAdmin (), as well as the database in my local PC from another PC running on the SAME local area network (LAN).

However, what I need to test is to update the database in PhpMyAdmin, from another PC running on the Public Internet. Is that possible? What are the settings required to achieve this? What security concerns do I need to take care and how?

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Re: Web Server for Public Internet

Postby Itzel » 01. March 2011 07:41

Maybe it has an error the downloaded that you installed in your windows like the XAMPP. Well, try to check the configuration setting of the XAMPP that you installed. However, you can also try to search in online by using some search engine like google. Maybe you can found some info that you can use in your problem.
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