XAMPP with pre-existing MYSQL

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XAMPP with pre-existing MYSQL

Postby Pragmatic » 27. March 2010 18:33

I am currently developing an application using Ruby on Rails/MySQL, so I already have a mysql server configured and going.

I'm getting ready to start on a PHP application, so I wanted to use xampp to develop that. I thought when I installed it that it would be smart enough to register it's mysql installation as a separate server, but unfortunately it wasn't and it completely destroyed my other mysql install.

I just finished cleaning that up and getting mysql reinstalled.

Is there a way to have xampp use the one I already have installed, or make sure it doesn't try to compete with it in any way?

Thanks for the help.
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Re: XAMPP with pre-existing MYSQL

Postby MC10 » 28. March 2010 02:42

Just don't use the XAMPP MySQL; you don't have to run it. Just run Apache and use your original MySQL server.
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